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Everything you need to know about wedding gift lists

It’s time to start another of our mini series here on the blog and this month, it’s all about gifts. No, we’re not talking about Christmas presents quite yet and instead, our focus is definitely wedding gifts. So, whether you’re wondering about gift lists, trying to select the perfect presents to give to your nearest and dearest or just thinking about your options, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

For as long as there have been weddings, there have been wedding gifts. In the same way that we give presents at birthdays, friends and family love to gift you something to celebrate your marriage. We’ve come a long way since the days of duplicate toasters and gratuitous displays of presents at weddings but everyone’s desire to gift the happy couple something fabulous hasn’t changed at all. Nowadays, the world is your oyster when it comes wedding presents so here’s everything you need to know…


Wedding gift lists

Most couples still opt for a wedding gift list that’s full of ‘traditional’ items, even if they’ve been living together before the big day. Your gift list is then a great opportunity to ‘upgrade’ items that you’ve already got and you can always include a few indulgent things on your list too. Well, it is a celebration after all!


Denby wedding gift list - image of brochure by Amanda Karen Photography


High street stores such as John Lewis and Next offer gift list services and these are really flexible. You can often go into the store, wander happily with a scanner choosing everything you’d like on your list and then let staff set everything up for you. Your guests then have the option of buying online or in-store and their gift can be added to your delivery or they can bring it to your wedding if they’d prefer.

Online wedding gift lists are incredibly popular. Providers such as Prezola and The Wedding Shop list tens of thousands of options for gifts from big names and exclusive brands. You can do everything online from setting up your list to arranging the delivery of gifts post-wedding and your guests can select their chosen present with a few careful clicks.


Wedding gift list - Sophie Conran - Amanda Karen Photography, London wedding photographer, London commercial photographer


Honeymoon funds and more

Of course, you don’t have to have ‘things’ as wedding presents and lots of couples would much rather choose a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a wedding celebration. If you’ve always wanted to travel somewhere special or indulge your wanderlust, you can absolutely do that with a honeymoon fund.


Honeymoon gift lists - Brazil by London destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Again, the likes of Prezola offer honeymoon fund and these are great because instead of guests simply gifting money, they can choose ‘options’ such as flight upgrades, romantic dinners or city tours. 100% of the cash comes to you but guests still feel as if they’ve given you a real present. Perfect! The brilliant Patchwork offers honeymoon funds too. You create a ‘patchwork’ to show your guests just what your dream honeymoon includes then they can choose to gift you a piece of that. Everything from flights and hotels to beers on the beach can be included!


Honeymoon gift lists - Brazil by London destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Charity gift lists are also popular and most of the major gift list providers offer charity options too. This does mean that you can mix up your list to include some traditional gifts and some charitable elements so there’s no need to pick or choose just one thing – your list can be as personal as you like.

With so much to choose from, where will you start? Who knows but you’ll have fun deciding!

Until next time,

Amanda x