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An Espresso Martini Recipe by Drake and Morgan

If you’re looking for a cocktail that has been growing in popularity then look no further, the Espresso Martini is exactly that!  This is a cocktail that has been known to be enjoyed as much at brunch as it is in the evening.  And if you enter any bar in London these days you’re almost guaranteed to see one on the menu.

This now staple on cocktail menus was created in 1980s in Soho, London, by the cocktail creator Dick Bradsell.  It is believed that this cocktail was born from the request of a lady in his bar who asked her to make her something that would “wake her up and **** her up”!

We thought today though that we would share how to make your own Espresso Martini at home, courtesy of the bar team at Drake and Morgan.  So let’s get to it…..


Espresso Martini cocktail, commercial photography, London photographer, Amanda Karen Photography



A single shot of espresso

30ml of Kettle One vodka

20ml of Kahlua coffee liqueur

10ml of sugar syrup

And how to make it:

As far as cocktails go, this is a pretty easy one to make.  Simply add the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, with ice and shake it well to blend the liquids.  Shaking it really well creates the froth you see at the top of the glass, so make sure you put some effort into it.  Then pour the shaken liquid through the strainer and into a martini glass.

NB: For an added chill, you can add ice to a martini glass to cool it (remove it though before you pour the drink in).

Easy peasy hey?! There’s no excuse now to rustle up your own delicious cocktail or share your talents for when you have friends over!


Espresso Martini cocktail, commercial photography, London photographer, Amanda Karen Photography


Photographing cocktails is one of our passions, be that bespoke cocktails at a wedding or the exciting new cocktail menu for a stylish bar.  So if cocktails feature in your wedding day or your business, why not contact us today and share the passion with us.

Until next time,

Amanda x