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Displaying your wedding images in your home


As the saying goes, ‘home is not a place, it’s a feeling’ and nothing gives you all the feels quite like your wedding images. From that emotional moment to the joyful shot that captures the happiness of the day, there are no photos in the world that are as full of feeling as those from weddings. So, if you love the thought of filling your home with those fabulous images from your wonderful day, then here’s a little advice for displaying your wedding images in your home.


Plan Ahead

I know this might seem like just another thing that needs to be added to the to-do list but trust me here. If you’re even just considering an image for a certain room or wall in your house, do tell us in advance. We’re not going to hold you to ordering something but if you think you’d like a great portrait to fit a certain space in your lounge for example, let us know and we can keep it in mind.


Wall Art Options

When it comes to options for wall art, you have more choices than you probably have space in your home! We’ll happily guide you through everything that’s on offer from canvases to framed prints, showcase images and layouts for gallery walls.

If the thought of a gallery wall appeals, then take a look on Pinterest because it’s overflowing with ideas and layout options – just search ‘gallery wall layouts’. To plan your own wall and to work out sizes, cut out pieces of paper in the various frame sizes and blu-tak them to your walls. You can play with arrangements here to your heart’s content and then you’ll also be able to finalise the number and size of prints that you need.


Displaying your wedding images


Rooms & Images

As you’re planning where to place your images, do have a think about the style of photo and the style of the room. A huge black and white image, however stunning, might not work that well in a soft, serene bedroom or a small detail shot might be lost in a larger room. A collection of close-ups can look amazing going up a staircase but always keep in mind the colours of the images and the colours of the rooms in question.



As I just mentioned, the colour palette of your rooms really plays a part in choosing not just the images but also the frames. Obviously you can get frames in all colours of woods and there are plenty of metal options too if you prefer a more contemporary look. Depending on the style of your room, an ornate frame could really work or you might prefer a frame without a border so it’s all about the image. Again, Pinterest is your friend here and I promise you that you’ll find options and ideas that you never even knew existed!


Displaying your wedding images


Options For Others

Now, it might seem a little big-headed to assume that other people will want to display your wedding images in their homes but never under-estimate the appeal of gorgeous photos for family members. Whilst your parents or grandparents might not know what to do with a huge framed piece of wedding art, it’s ever so likely that they’ll appreciate a more modestly sized print that can sit happily in their home. For this, I’d suggest nothing larger than 10”x8” or you could give a pair of 7”x5” photos instead.

Whatever display options you choose, you can be sure that this is home artwork that you’ll always love.

Until next time,

Amanda x