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Business Branding Headshots For You & Your Team

A little while ago we published a feature explaining why great images are so important for today’s businesses. Today, we’re developing that theme by looking at headshots. Why are they important? Do you really need them and how can you make sure that yours are memorable? Read on – it’s time to get up close and personal…


Outdoor business branding photography, London headshots


Firstly, let’s look at why headshots are important. Well, with so many businesses, particularly those that involve personal relationships with clients, it’s totally understandable that your potential clients want to see who you are. It’s reassuring to know that there are real people behind a website or social media feed and headshots can convey a sense of who you are.

And who you are is, quite rightly, important to your potential clients. Now I don’t mean that you’re somehow being graded on a business ‘hot or not’ list but clients do want to know if they’re likely to get on with you. We’ve all heard the phrase that birds of a feather flock together and attracting clients who are similar in some ways to you will make the relationship much easier.


Home office business branding photography, business headshots


So yes, you really need headshots. You need headshots that show you as you really are. If you’re not a suited and booted kind of person then you should run a mile from having photos of you looking like you’ve just stepped out of a meeting in the City. Lovers of the great outdoors – get outside for your photoshoot. Wear the clothes that you love or an outfit that speaks volumes about who you are. Are you known for your earrings, shoes, accessories or huge smile? If so, these things should always feature in your headshot.

For memorable headshots, avoid any hint of a bland background, particularly if you’re not a bland business. Cool urban businesses – hunt out that iconic graffiti wall and creatives, choose a location that reflects your business in some way. Don’t pose or work too hard – these photos should be a great reflection of you so relax and just be yourself.


urban business branding photography, London headshots


And now we come to the most important thing about great headshots for you and your team and that’s your choice of photographer. To get those images that you’ll want to share, you need to work with a photographer who suits your style. Spend time on their websites, look at their images and check out their headshots. Do they look like someone you want to work with? Do you love their work? If it’s yes to both, then the decision is an easy one to make.

Don’t be afraid to explain to your photographer what you want. By that we don’t mean that you need to go into detail about every single pose but give your photographer the information that they need. Tell them about your clients, show them your branding and if there’s anything you’re nervous about, share that too.


Home office business branding photography, business headshots Outdoor business branding photography, London headshots


Your shoot should be a fab experience from start to finish and the images that you receive from it should be ones that you will love for a long time to come.

If you’d like to find out more about the headshots service that we offer, just get in touch. We promise no bland backdrops and no odd poses but a lot of fun and brilliant images that will really capture you.

Until next time,

Amanda x