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Introducing bridal boutique Heart Aflutter

As part of our wedding dress and accessories month, we are bringing you Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique and an interview with Cecila.  I love this boutique and whenever I’m planning a shoot, they are the first place I go to.  I can’t recommend them highly enough and their gorgeous collection of designers.

So without further ado…..


Heart Aflutter bridal boutique - Amanda Karen Photography


Tell us more about your business?

I started Heart Aflutter Bridal all on my own around January 2014. It took several months of planning, researching, pitching, etc. but our East London studio finally opened in October 2014. Our mission is to be a cosy, intimate haven for brides who are looking for something other than your traditional wedding dress. We work with independent bridal designers, most of which are not widely available in the UK. Since going on maternity leave in March 2016, Elie has joined me and now runs the studio while I focus on the creative direction of the business. It’s still a very small operation and being only two of us means there’s a lot of work to do all the time! But we share a real passion for the bridal industry and for helping brides finding their perfect dress, we wouldn’t change it for the world!


What’s your favourite part of the job?

It’s definitely that moment when a bride finds her perfect dress! Which doesn’t always happen like you see on TV, not everyone has that “This is THE dress” moment with tears all around. For the majority of brides, it’s actually a very rational process that takes into account things like budget, venue, personal style etc. Nonetheless it’s very special and we feel very lucky to play a small part in the process!

Also – picking the styles to order from new collections is pretty good fun!! Although I wish we had an unlimited budget as narrowing it down to just a few styles is sometimes really hard!


Heart Aflutter bridal boutique - Amanda Karen Photography


If you could give one piece of advice to couples (brides), what would it be?

Oh there’s so many! But I would say: do your research, set a budget (and stick to it), and don’t over shop. I feel like brides are getting the proverbial FOMO (fear of missing out) and feel like they need to try on EVERY. SINGLE. WEDDING. DRESS. available out there. But actually wedding dress shopping is tiring and sometimes overwhelming. So work out what your style is, set a budget, and select 3 wedding dress shops you actually want to go to. If you’ve worked out you don’t want a massive diamante-encrusted meringue-type ballgown, there’s probably no point in booking an appointment with a shop that only stocks such gowns. Likewise, if your budget is £1000 it’s probably not a good idea to book yourself into a couture bridal atelier, because chances are you’re going to fall in love with something way out of your budget, which you wont be able to afford. That is really soul-crashing and can turn your whole wedding dress shopping experience into a depressing one.


What’s the best piece of advice you e been given (about anything)?

That karma is a powerful thing and bad karma is not something you want in your life. Surround yourself with positivity and walk away from negativity.


Tell us a random fact about you? 

I actually trained as a linguist and I have an MSc in scientific, technical and medical translation from Imperial College London. Before setting up Heart Aflutter I worked as project manager in the video game localisation industry, and prior to that I was an editor and proofreader of car manuals!! Doesn’t get any more random than that – and further away from bridal gowns!


Heart Aflutter bridal boutique - Amanda Karen Photography


If you’re still looking for your dress then look no further and head over to Heart Aflutter.

Website // Instagram // Facebook

Until next time,

Amanda x