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Brand photography – the power of the picture to your brand

Photography has never been more crucial for business success. If you work in the wedding world or run your own business in any field, you’ll know that brand is all-important. You’ll also be very aware of the power of the picture. Just think of those carefully curated, on-message Instagram feeds that encourage interaction and engagement amongst target clients. Today’s feature is all about making your imagery work for you and, as an extra treat, I’m giving away a copy of the amazing Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humbertstone. It’s time to set your brand alight…


florist brand photography, images by brand photographer Amanda Karen Photography


The power of the picture

For years, we’ve been told that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and now we absolutely know this to be true. All day, every day, we see pictures. Pictures on our screens, pictures in our social media feeds and pictures just about everywhere we turn.

The best ones encourage us to do something. We might click to find out more, donate, book, order, sign-up, follow or even change our outlook entirely. A photograph teaches us about something we don’t know or we learn about someone we’ve never met. We associate certain images with certain brands and we make decisions and judgements based on one image.


That’s all. One image.


London brand photography, images by brand photographer Amanda Karen Photography


The importance of brand

So, if you might have just one chance to make a connection with someone, you need to think carefully about what you say. What does the photography you use say about your brand? Does it convey your current message or are you still using an image from two years ago and wondering why the enquiries you’re getting don’t match your current business expectations? We all talk about updating our goals and our aims but does the photography we use keep pace? If it doesn’t, there’s a huge disconnect in your brand and this is where issues can creep in.

You see, we’re all savvy consumers. We know to take those slick adverts and snappy catchphrases with a pinch of salt. We maintain a healthy disbelief of miracle products and fantastic promises. But, if we’re shown a beautiful image that we can relate to, we fall in love. Pictures speak to us. Great photography moves us and wonderful images that convey an honest, authentic and genuine message about a business attract us every time.


Every. Single. Time.


Your brilliant brand photography

And this is why I get so excited about branding photo shoots. I love working with businesses and individuals to create photos that they love and that say so much about them. You can be professional, approachable, funny, friendly, in control or crazily creative in your images and when these match your brand, you’re unbeatable, unstoppable and utterly unique.


chef brand photography, images by brand photographer Amanda Karen Photography


To help you towards your goals, I’m giving away a copy of Brand Brilliance and I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s informative, gorgeous and essential reading for all you entrepreneurs out there. To be in with a chance to win, and to find out more about photography that works with your brand, simply sign up here



We will draw the winner on the 31st January.

Good luck and happy branding!

Until next time,

Amanda x