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Bramble gin cocktail recipe


Happy Wednesday you lovely lot!  Who here loves a gin cocktail?

After last week’s post on fabulous cocktails for your wedding drinks reception I am excited to share this amazing gin cocktail recipe straight from Aidan, Millbridge Court’s Bar Manager, what a star for sharing it with us. I think as it’s starting to get cold this is a nod back to Summer and we all deserve something fruity!

Millbridge Court's bramble gin cocktail


35ml London dry gin

25ml sour mix (or 12.5 ml fresh lemon juice and 12.5 ml sugar syrup)

20 ml crème de mure (Blackberry Liqueur) (available in majestic)

Plenty of crushed ice

Blackberries to garnish

Couple of straws



1. Firstly you will need a 300ml glass for this recipe.

I think a Bramble looks especially nice in a whisky/tumbler styled glass if you happen to have one.

For most cocktails it is very important to get your drink as cold as possible, This will stop the ice from diluting the drink too quickly, to do this I froze all of the glasses the night before as well as the gin.

Obviously gin is safe in the freezer as it is a spirit and won’t freeze, however the rest of your ingredients will be better off in the fridge.


2. The great thing about this drink is that it is built in the glass, meaning you don’t need a shaker to make it.

So to start this bramble we used sour mix which is made up of 1/3 fresh lemon juice, 1/3 fresh lime juice and 1/3 sugar syrup, However it will taste just as nice if you use 12.5 ml of sugar syrup and 12.5ml of fresh lemon juice.


3. It’s so important to use fresh juices. If you don’t use fresh juices then you will start to get oxidisation and your drink will taste quite tinny and unpleasant.

Fresh lemon and lime juice is very hard to find in supermarkets so just buy lemons and limes and hand squeeze them instead (Or use a lemon squeezer if you have one!)


4. So once you have poured in your juice and sugar, we add 35ml of a London dry gin…

We actually used beefeater which seems to get a bad name because it’s cheaper but it’s a fantastic gin and I personally would pick it over Gordons or Bombay sapphire any day of the week!


5. Now we need to add some crushed ice.

It must be crushed too as cubed just doesn’t work for this drink. You can buy crushed ice in the shops however if this isn’t an option then simply put a few cubes in a clean tea towel and hit it against a hard surface (one you don’t mind getting damaged!)
6. Fill your glass two thirds full of crushed ice and with a bar spoon (or tea spoon) gently stir up the gin, juice and sugar syrup for around 30 seconds. This is mixing all the ingredients together and giving the drink a slight dilution which is a good thing in small doses.


7. Once this is done we add as much crushed ice as we possibly can to the glass and now for the fun bit…

Slowly drizzle 20ml of crème de mure in a spiral motion from the outside of the glass to the inside so that the liqueur gets in every part of the drink.

It should give the drink a beautiful marble like look which looks fantastic.


8. Finally finish off with a couple of straws, a blackberry for garnish and a slice of lemon peel.

Gin, blackberries, ice and mint for the Bramble gin cocktail

I would love to know what what your favourite cocktails are?

Until next time,

Amanda x