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Bespoke wedding cocktails with Drinks Fusion


Bespoke wedding cocktails are on the increase and I can understand why, what an amazing way to wow your guests by presenting them with cocktails perfectly matched to your wedding day.

Before Christmas last year I had the opportunity to shoot behind the scenes with Drinks Fusion, an innovative drinks company who create the most sublime bespoke cocktails I’ve ever come across.  They were serving their creations at a party hosted at the Natural History Museum, and this was the party of all parties!


Bespoke cocktails are served at this party at the Natural History Museum

Impressive styling at the Natural History Museum event

Giant tree as the centre piece of this event at the Natural History Museum

Bespoke wedding cocktail bar at the Natural History MuseumGorgeous tapas bar at the Natural History Museum event


It was exciting to see the team prepare for the event, it was like a well-oiled machine (a bit like watching Kalm Kitchen!) with everyone having their cocktail to prep for, and the array of high quality spirits and garnishes was mind boggling.  Founder Johan is like a whirlwind force of nature, a true creative spirit and is able to combine flavours like the true connoisseur that he is.  Keeping him organised is the super lovely Rebecca and she kept me in the right place at the right time, with all the information I needed on the night, it was great fun.  The team for the night wouldn’t have been complete without the guys themselves, more than just a bar team, they recreated Johan’s bespoke cocktails to perfection (and I had the great joy of trying some of them!)


Bespoke wedding cocktails being created by the Drinks Fusion

High quality spirits and garnishes for bespoke wedding cocktails

Bespoke wedding cocktails at the Natural History Museum


Following the event, I was able to learn a bit more about Drinks Fusion and how they are able to create these wonderful bespoke wedding cocktails, along with what inspires them and their thoughts for the trends ahead:


What inspires the cocktails you make?

The bride and groom will have a vision for their big day, and this can be inspired by anything from cultures, countries, seasons, great works of art and anything and everything the mind can conjure up. We source ingredients and design recipes that reflect these themes, that resonates with the bride and groom, and that will be an enjoyable experience for all the guests involved.


Apple garnished bespoke wedding cocktails

High quality spirits are important for bespoke wedding cocktails


Is there an all-time favourite cocktail you have created?

It’s got to be the Old Fashioned; we serve many different variations of the Old Fashioned, but the traditional will always remain my favourite.


If you could give one piece of advice to a couple planning their wedding what would it be?

I think you should decide on a menu that represents you as a couple and perhaps have a selection of drinks that represents your bond, your memories, your friends and family that you’ll be sharing your day with. You should construct a drinks menu that represents your relationships. A food and drinks offering needs to be an experience for all of your guests but the pinnacle will be something that represents and encompasses you.


Whisky bespoke wedding cocktail

Lime curl garnish for bespoke wedding cocktails


How do you work with your couples in designing/creating drinks for their wedding?

We’ll get a brief from a couple that reflects a theme that they want to exude, which coincides with their style or season, and we try to break that down and find ingredients, flavours, and presentation we can use in a drink that will reflect the couple’s request. Not only do we pay attention to the drinks, but we also like to focus on garnishes, glassware, trays, straws and other aspects of the presentation. We painstakingly research products; for example, if it’s a German couple we may source German products. Fusing flavours from different cultures is also an interesting element of our approach; for a past event we have used German quince with aged cider brandies from Somerset and British honeycombs to represent the fusion of a prestigious car brand in the UK.


What’s your prediction for 2016 wedding trends in the bar/cocktail world?

The classic and contemporary cocktail industry is becoming important to not just world cities like London and New York, but becoming an important part of lifestyle in smaller cities across the globe. In 2016 the trend for bespoke wedding cocktails is going to grow even further in the foreseeable future. Quality of produce is becoming ever more important, especially in areas such as sustainability. Looking at international trends and the moods of trend setting cities such as London and New York, we can see significant growth in historic spirits such as Armagnac’s, Vermouths, aged rums such as Rhum Agricole and Bourbon whiskies. The gin renaissance is still going strong and is expected to do so more in 2016, with the use of an array of botanicals from across the globe.


Summery looking bespoke wedding cocktailsAn olive for garnish in these bespoke wedding cocktailsPink and flowers are the perfect way to create bespoke wedding cocktails


I know it’s dry January at the moment, but these cocktails look and sound amazing.  Are you thinking of bespoke wedding cocktails for your big day? If so, I highly recommend you get in touch with Johan and his team.

Until next time,

Amanda x