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Behind the scenes with wedding cake designer Lily Vanilli


I am really excited today to introduce you to (if you don’t already know her) Lily from Lily Vanilli, an exceptionally talented wedding cake designer, whose cakes look so divine you almost (and I mean almost as they smell and taste amazing) don’t want to eat them. I first came across these amazing cakes at Karen Tran‘s book launch event and then a styled shoot at The Town Hall Hotel.

Her bakery is based in East London, just of Columbria Road to be more precise, which is open on Sundays, and when I asked Lily what sort of yummy delights you can expect she said “sweet and savoury pies, tarts, rolls, varying menu of seasonally inspired cakes each week, awesome brownies (salt caramel – which I have to go and try one day, burnt butter, salted peace, triple chocolate), soups, handmade truffles, macararawns (which are our all raw coconut and almond treats with blackcurrant or macha – they’re very pretty and delicious). New things all the time!”

Lily Vanilli at Taste of Christmas

I asked Lily a few questions to try and get to know the brand and how she works with her couples, and I think it’s safe to say I am in awe of how talented she is. Having tasted her creations first hand (hot chocolate pudding at Taste of Christmas was like stepping into chocolate heaven!) anyone who chooses a Lily Vanilli wedding cake is most definitely going to be full of style and taste!

So here’s what she said:

AKP: What inspires your designs?

LV: I’m very inspired by the seasons – the flowers, fruits and flavours available throughout the year have a huge effect, and the temperature outside as it alters your sense of what looks good t ear. So even if rhubarb is available now (and some of the nicest are very early) and I want to use it as an ingredient, I might not reflect it in the design as it’s so strongly associate with spring. Apart from that, art and recipe books, and often my clients, I’m lucky to have some very creative inspiring people amongst them who give me interesting briefs.


AKP: Ok, so I’m a huge chocaholic, but what’s your favourite cake flavour?

LV: This always changes – I couldn’t say for sure. At the moment it’s very boozy and wintery with lots of warm spice, but that’s not true in the summer.

Lily Vanilli at the Karen Tran book launch

AKP: What do you envisage for 2016 trends when it comes to wedding cakes?

LV: I think we’ll see more foliage and greens, and cake décor spilling out onto the cake table (especially the flower arrangements)


AKP: So if a couple want to work with you for their wedding cake, how does that go?

LV: It varies, but I encourage people to envisage their dream cake and we work on something bespoke from the flavour to the design. I’m surprised by how often people trust me to come up with something for them – they give me a loose brief and myself and my team work on something unique for them. It’s a very nice process and I always this it’s when the best stuff comes through – because we end up with something much more original then recreating something similar to what we’ve seen or made before.


AKP: If you had one piece of advice for a couple planning their wedding what would it be?

LV: Have fun

Rich colours and blooms for your wedding cake

Well that’s pretty sound advice!  Honestly, if you’re looking for your wedding cake then I really cannot recommend Lily Vanilli enough, one day I will make it to her bakery and eat all those brownies!

Until next time,

Amanda x