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Behind the camera – the wedding day


When people ask us what our “jobs” are, it’s always rather lovely to tell them that we’re wedding photographers. In nine cases out of ten, the next question our curious acquaintances will ask is ‘so what do you do all day then?’. Well, for them, but mostly for you, here’s a little run down of a typical wedding day and all the things that we get up to…

In fact, our wedding days always start a good few weeks before the date in question. We meet with our clients (or Skype if a face to face meeting isn’t convenient or possible for whatever reason) to talk through all of their wedding plans in detail. This, to us, it absolutely crucial as this is where we get to find out exactly what our couples are looking for from their wedding photography in terms of shots and even what worries they may have about the day. This is our chance to help settle those last minute nerves and we love hearing how excited our couples are at this stage.


Wedding day images by Amanda Karen Photography


On the day before the wedding, we’ll spend quite some time making sure that all our gear is prepped to perfection. Memory cards are checked, batteries are charged, kit is tested and packed and we’ll even be online looking at traffic reports to make sure that there aren’t any pesky roadworks to stand in our way. We’ll have an early night and trust us, we check that alarm many times before we go to sleep!

Come the big day, we’ll be up oh-so bright and early. We always double-check our kit again as we load the car and we’ll be on the road and on our way to you as soon as possible. We always bring plenty of our wedding day essential with us – litres of water to keep hydrated because a full day as a wedding photographer requires stamina and total concentration.

Once we’re with you, we’re totally and utterly in wedding mode. Everything we do is for you and we’re 100% focused on making sure that we record as much of your day as we possibly can. We’ll capture those pre-determined moments such as bridal preparations, the ceremony and the speeches. We’ll also make sure we photograph those all-important candid moments and, of course, we never miss a detail so all those decorative touches that you’ve thought so hard about will also make your gallery. Lastly, and very importantly, your beautiful, memorable portraits will also be safely entrusted to our cameras and it’s highly likely that we’ll shed and emotional tear or two at some point during the day!


Wedding day images by Amanda Karen Photography



As the day moves on, we’ll still be there as the evening unfolds so your wedding photographs will tell the whole story of the day. However, as all the best things have to come to an end, around half an hour after your first dance, we’ll pack up our kit and say our goodbyes so you can party the night have. We will, if you’ll let us, have a quick boogie with you before we go.

When we finally make it home, you can be sure we’ll kick off our shoes and sit down. Our day’s not over though because we’ll straight away be backing up your images on our laptops and external hard drive so those precious images are super safe.


Wedding day images by Amanda Karen Photography


The next morning, as you can probably imagine, we’re not up and at ‘em quite so early but, if you keep an eye open, you might well find a few sneaky peeks of your day on Instagram…

If you’d like to talk to us about your wedding photography or ask us any questions that you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you can probably tell, we can talk about weddings for quite some time!

Until next time,

Amanda x