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Another summer cocktail – a blushed Martinez


Another gorgeous cocktail from Drinks Fusion today as part our bespoke cocktail series, it’s another summery one because with the weather being as far from summer as it can get at the moment I feel like we need something that conjurs up feelings of sunshine and chilling in the garden on a lovely warm evening.  So I present to you a lovely summer cocktail….. a blushed Martinez.


Love the pink colour of this summer cocktail, the blushed Martinez


How to make this gorgeous summer cocktail

Glass: Champagne coupe or a Martini glass


Pour all ingredients in to a mixing glass filled with large dry ice cubes, stir for about 45-60 seconds.

Strain the liquid off the ice using a Biloxi Julep strainer into a chilled glass.

Spray gerenaium rose and vetiver tincture over the drink using an atomizer.


This summer cocktail uses gorgeous ingredients



  • 40ml Van Wees Amsterdamsche Old Genever
  • 15ml Van Wees Roses Without Thorns liqueur
  • 20ml Rosé port wine
  • 2 Drops Ferdinand’s Winerose and Lavender bitters
  • A couple of sprays of gerenaium rose and vetiver tincture over the drink using an atomizer

Where to shop

The alcohol here was bought from Amathus Drinks, the boanicals from Nurtured in Norfolk.


Decorate your summer cocktail with edible botanicals like this blushed Martinez


Until next time,

Amanda x