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Advice and tips from wedding florists


It’s time for another delve into my little black book of awesome suppliers, and this month it’s wedding florists.  I reached out to some of my industry favourites and these ladies kindly decided to share their words of wisdom. It’s probably no state secret that I love flowers, and I have been known to gasp when I’ve walked into a ceremony room and seen a beautiful floral arch, or into a reception room where your nostrils are filled with the scent of blooms from the tables.

I have had the absolute pleasure in working with some of the most talented florists in the industry and I am always in awe in what they can create with flowers, some of it definitely amounts to works of art! Anyway, here are our lovely wedding florists sharing their experience and knowledge to help make your wedding planning hopefully that little less stressful.


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Emma Soulsby Flowers

Who doesn’t love a marquee wedding but one of the biggest potential issues with a marquee versus a bricks and mortar venue is the heat. If you’re blessed with great weather, things can quickly get very hot indeed inside a marquee, and the last thing you want is a sea of wilted or crispy flowers to greet you on your grand entrance!  Make sure your florist is aware of the varieties that will thrive in hot weather and those that aren’t particularly thirsty blooms as not all flower types are suitable for marquee setups.


London wedding photographer - Amanda Karen Photography - Wedding photography portfolio



Anna Fern Weddings 

Don’t be afraid to go bold! colours are definitely in for 2019, and using bright colours (even in very unusual combinations) is a great way to show your personality on your wedding day and give a modern twist to your decor.

Use loads of textures… Especially if you love an all white wedding, introducing different flower sizes and shapes, is the key to add interest and dimension to flower arrangements.

When thinking about where to place florals and how to transform your venue with them, start by listing all the focal points you can think of. It could be a staircase you will come down from, the ceremony aisle, the reception tables, a particular feature or room in the venue or a lovely photogenic spot you think might be great for guests photos. This will help you to create a cohesive look through the venue and almost a “journey” for your guests.

Don’t go too Pinterest crazy. It’s great to get inspired by the thousand and thousand of incredible photos, however, make sure you also discuss ideas with your florist and develop the concept with them to make it completely personal to you.

To develop your concept, think about what you want to communicate and how you can achieve it. Is it a delicate, relaxing environment? or a luxurious forest? a botanical dream? The choice of flowers and greenery needs to be appropriate for the story.


London photographer - Amanda Karen Photography



Fox and Fern

A lot of clients come to me almost embarrassed to say that they know nothing about varieties of flowers, or where to have them at the venue! You have absolutely no need to worry! 

Your first visit to your venue is mostly focusing on size, accommodation, budget and weather or not it feels like the right place for you. There will be a lot to take in as you walk round and you won’t necessarily be thinking about decorations at that point, so a great tip is to take lots of photos of each of the rooms you’ll be using on the day. Doing this means you can look back through them when you start to think of decor; and they come in handy when you meet your florist too.

If you’re not quite sure what you want and where you want it, your florist will be able to come up with some creative ideas to suit all budgets and styles. Same goes for deciding what flowers you’d like! No one expects you to know names of all flowers so don’t panic if you don’t. Set up a pinterest board or folder on your phone so you can gather photos together that you like. Whether it be the colours, the style, the ribbon or the flowers in particular, save them all to your phone and show them to your florist at your consultation. Photos are the easiest way to gauge what you’re thinking when you may not be able to explain it in words!


London photographer - Amanda Karen Photography



Iris and Co

My top tip for wedding flowers is – be bold.   To make the most of your budget, go for one eye-catching piece – a floral archway, a cascading fireplace design or a hanging flower chandelier over your top table. This will create a dramatic focal point that your guests will remember for years to come.  So if you’re not sure how to split your budget, focus on one big item rather than lots of flowers around the venue for the most memorable impact.


So there we have it, some great advice from some amazing wedding florists.  Who are you booking for your wedding day?  And if you’ve not found the one yet, then definitely do check out the wedding florists in this post, they really are epic!


Until next time,

Amanda x


PS – if you’re a lover of florals and want us to capture those as part of your special day, we’d love to hear from you!