Amanda & Hutch

Amanda Karen Photography is made up of husband-and-wife team Amanda and Hutch. We love to shoot fine art wedding photogrpahy with personality in London and beyond! After meeting at university and bonding over our shared love of camera geekiness, we really developed our passion for photography when we moved to London in 2008. The business was born in 2014 and we have been blessed with gorgeous clients ever since. 


When Hutch isn’t behind the camera he is likely to be chilling out with friends or family.  He’s also pretty into sports of all kinds, from ice hockey to cycling and is partial to a sweet and smoky Bourbon or two!


Amanda, loves escaping into a book, lives on peppermint tea and loves going out for cocktails with the girls (caipirinha, please)! She's cultivating a fairly serious home-ware addiction and could happily set up camp in a Cox and Cox catalogue.

Together we are decorating our new(ish) house to create a home that will make our hearts happy every time we step through the front door. Spending time togehter is important to us and we're constantly making new memories, whether that's a relaxed evening in with a film or our latest favourite TV series or exploring London and finding new places to eat. 

About our wedding photography style

We're not really one for labels, but if we had to sum up the style of our wedding photography, we'd say it's fine art with a shot of personality. We're all about capturing the moments as they unfold and preserving that emotion for generations to come. It's why our images are a blend of gorgeously candid photography and fine art style portraiture. 

Take a look at our portfolio and you'll see that light is incredibly important to us - it's what provides that romantic, dreamy feel to our images. We're constantly on the lookout for a shaft of sunlight falling at just the right angle, or a perfect moment captured at the golden hour just before sunset when everything seems to glow from within. See? Incurable light enthusiasts, the both of us!

About you

And what about you? Well, if you’ve got this far into our website then it’s likely that you’re looking for photographers who will capture your wedding in a way that will invoke emotion and will transport you back to that point in time or place.  You're probably detail focussed and hoping for images that encapsulate romance and style, while still feeling natural.

So, now you know our story, what's yours? Come and tell us here.

With thanks to Jenny Heyworth Photography & Catherine Connor styling for the images of us on our website.